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How are you? I hope all is well. let me tell you about sunni,she is on of the smartest labs that I have ever seen!she is now nine months old. she weighs approx 52 lbs. she is very cuddly, but in the field she is all business!! I am so very happy with her! attached are some pictures of her. on our first duck hunt she retrieved two mallards on our first pheasant hunt she pointed, then flushed her first ring neck then retrieved it with no hesitation! she hunts very well, and her nose is getting better by the week. she is the yellow with the camo vest in the duck pictures. I will keep you in mind when we are ready for a new pup. Judi and I are very pleased with sunni

I'll keep you up dated with her progress if you wish.

Nelson Kletzli jr.

Hi Barb,

Just thought I'd send a picture of Bailey, son of Moon Rivers Outlaw Jesse James and Hunter's Marsh Zinger. He has done so well with housebreaking, crate training, the sit command, and his temperment is unbelieveable. Of course, at 10 wks we are still in the "teething" phase, but we keep him occupied with plenty of chew toys, and he has yet to chew on any thing else. Even our vet is so impressed with him, that she asked for the name of your kennel in the event that she can talk her husband (the other vet in the practice) to take on another dog. You can definately tell that Bailey has hunting in his blood. When he spots a toy under a chair or a bird in the yard, he goes into what I call his "stealth" mode. He moves ever so slowly up to it, until he gets about a foot away, and then dives for it. He is the light of our life, and we can't ever imagine not coming home to his pretty little face. He has doubled in his weight since his first vet visit when we brought him home, and yesterday he weighed in at 18 lbs. I am glad I spent 2 months researching for breeders and found you. My hours at the computer have paid off! Feel free to give people my email address that are looking for a reference for your kennel. Thanks for being the kind of breeder that truly cares about the bloodlines, and producing healthy, sound, and happy puppies.

Take care,
Kathy Van Sickle

Hi Barb,

We picked up our puppy, Sydney, from you on July 4th and she is now almost 6 months old. Sydney is from your Tess and Jesse James litter (5-16-07) and is absolutely wonderful. I honestly don't remember what we did before she became apart of our family. Sydney is everything we hoped for and dreamed of. She is sooooo loving, and is a faithful companion. She has been surprisingly alert since the day we picked her up at 7 weeks old, nothing gets past Sydney. She watches anything and everything with such curiosity, but has never been overly anxious or excited to the point of getting herself into trouble. I must also mention her beautiful physical features. She is currently about 40lbs and very muscular. One look into her eyes and you can see her friendliness and intelligence. I can't even tell you how many compliments we get on her sparkling black coat. Also, Sydney has been attending basic obedience classes and is very very quick to learn, surprising not only myself but her trainer. Overall, I just wanted to give you an update and thank you again for our beautiful, intelligent, new family member. You and your kennel are highly recommended by me to all others seeking a wonderful companion. I've attached a few pics of Sydney.... #1 -Sydney on her first day home with us at 7 weeks old and #2 Sydney now almost 6 months old...

Thank you again and again.
Beth Breiding

Hi Barb,

Since Sable will be 1year old tomorrow(5-16), I just wanted to send you a current picture of her. This picture is about a month old, but will give you an idea what she looks like. She is such a special dog and we just love her so much. Tom has been training her in the field and she just loves the birds, swimming and will run after anything that moves, however when she is in the house she is as calm as can be. She is like two different dogs when she is outside and inside. The next time we go to Cook Forest, if we have time maybe I'll give you a call on our way home and stop by so you can see Sable. Thanks again for our beautiful dog.

Pat & Tom


We thought it fitting to check in and appraise you of Murdock's progress on his 1st birthday. Needless to say, it's been an eventful year, and Beth, Murdock and I have all learned a lot.
We recently found ourselves laughing to tears at John Grogan's book, 'Marley and Me' (don't worry, Murdock's not nearly that naughty), because it so well encapsulates the trials, tribulations and joy of dog ownership- and the unique experience of owning a lab. We couldn't be happier with Murdock, and feel that he's really matured into a good boy. Not only is he (generally) well-behaved and trainable, but he always illicits praise and admiration whenever we're out and about. True to his roots, he loves to retrieve anything and everything, and we've had a lot of fun playing in our nearby river. At the end of the day, he can always be found at Beth's feet in the kitchen or wedged between us on the couch.

Thanks again for connecting us with Murdock, we couldn't be happier!

Steve & Beth Kraseman - Danville, PA


Just wanted to drop you a quick email to let you know that our puppy (we named him "Ike") is doing great! He's is just so affectionate and playful, and he's really learning fast! He retrieves (most of the time!), he's doing well at housebreaking (only a few "mistakes" and they were more our fault than his), and he's learning to sit and respond to his name.

Your care and your skill at breeding such fine dogs really shows. We wanted a dog that would be part of our family, and I think we've found him, thanks to you.

I hope you had a great Thanksgiving. I'll try to keep you posted on Ike's progress as he grows.

All the best--

Hello Barb.

My wife and I are extremely happy with our yellow lab, Luke. Just in the short car ride from your place to Pittsburgh, we both knew he was going to be a great dog. He is very well behaved...Great with kids and other dogs. Sleeps like a baby and eats like a bear.

We live within walking distance to three large parks...Naturally, he prefers the park that neighbors a creek; loves to run and swim. A natural hunter/retriever.

I have attached a picture (pardon the quality, I took it from my phone).

Thanks again for providing us with such a great dog.

Todd & Heather Orluske


I thought you might be interested in hearing that Dingo, from your 5/25/05 litter out of Dakota by Cyndabrook’s Reilly Jammin’, passed his first two Started Tests this past weekend. Though it was not required of him, Dingo was the only dog delivering to hand. I am hoping to run him in another UKC test May 20th and some AKC Hunt tests in June, and will keep you posted on his progress. We did have a bad running at a derby in Ohio, but that was my fault and not the dog’s. I hadn’t done the requisite prep work with him.

I had no intention of getting involved in the tests when I got him from you. I was looking for a good working retriever and a good family dog. Though I have not had him on a real hunt as of yet, Dingo is exceeding my expectations on both counts. He is a very smart, biddable dog. He learns anything required of him quite quickly, and his intelligence is matched, or perhaps surpassed, by his demeanor. Several people that are far more familiar with Labs than I am (Dingo being my first) have praised his intelligence and his gentle nature off the field.

This weekend was a perfect case in point. After passing both tests easily this weekend, Dingo spent last night running around our backyard with my sons Zach and John who are 6 and 5 respectively. As I see it, Dingo tailors his energy to the person he’s playing with. He’ll roughhouse with me or my wife, but he is very gentle with both boys. I was particularly pleased to see the way he acted with my son John last night, relinquishing the ball they were playing with anytime John said “Give”. Thank you for the wonderful addition to our family.

Best Regards,
Bill Ehling


I just wanted to give you another update on Dingo out of Dakota 5/25/05. We've been busy. Dingo just got his JH title at the Presque Isle Hunt Test today. I had him off lead, walking at heel to the line. For all his Junior Tests, he has been steady without any restraint at the line.

We'll probably take a few weeks off as I try to prepare him for Senior Tests. Thanks for a great dog.

All the best,
Bill Ehling

Dear Ms. McGarvey,

I have been meaning to send you an email for sometime regarding the Yellow Lab puppy I purchased from you in August of 1998. On a whim I Googled your kennel and read that Brig had passed away and this motivated me to do so. My sincere condolences on her passing. I must tell you that if I live to be a hundred I will never own a better dog than the one I received from you. My son named him Billybones from the book “Treasure Island” but we just call him Bones. The dog is truly a joy and a blessing. He is noble, loving, friendly, even-tempered, extremely well-behaved, wonderful with kids, and faithful to a fault. He is everything we wanted in a dog and more and I can’t thank you enough for trusting us with one of Brig’s pups. Good deeds should be recognized and you certainly did one for us by providing such a wonderful companion. We all love him dearly.

Again, thanks for a great dog,
Ron Pegg and Family

First of all, Congratulations on such a first class operation! From my first phone call to you right up until I picked up Trapper at Windemere Farm I realized I was in the right place. After loosing a true champion of my own with literally thousands of duck and goose retrieves under his collar it was time to pick my head up and begin the lengthy but critical breeder interview process. had to answer the typical questions “why the long hard search for a breeder? Can’t you just go to the pet store, pound, local paper etc. and get a good dog? Of course you can. It just depends on what you are looking for. I’m not going to stray from my field which is water fowling and providing a loving safe environment for my hunting buddies but in a nut shell when you deal with a reputable breeder such as Barbara McGarvey/Windemere Kennels you are assured that you are buying one of the best breeds that money can buy and the rest is up to you. Will you pay top dollar for your dog? Not really. What you are really paying for are field pedigree retriever puppies. Dogs selectively bred out of AKC, UKC and NAHRA titled sires and dams with OFA and CERF certifications. The result is pups which have an extreme desire to please, love of water, trainability and excellent conformation. These dogs over time will end up costing you much less because as they age you will have far less problems with hips, joints, and eyes - hence fewer trips to the Vet. I began my search with over 20 kennels on the list and went from there. I found Barbara through the AKC website but she didn’t have a website and that was actually an attraction to me. In this day in age anyone can have a “pretty” website and know nothing about breeding dogs! Be careful there. Barbara doesn’t know this yet but is should come as a complement! After discovering Windemere Kennel I started my investigative search and went right to the top. I contacted the legendary Mary Howley from Candlewood’s Kennels and told her that I had discovered Barbara McGarvey and Candlewood’s Hawkeye Joe on a Farm in PA. I asked her what she though about Barbara and her operation and she had nothing but the best to say! I almost felt it was too good to be true! I was getting a great recommendation from on of the best breeders in the country and my search was immediately over. I had done my homework and found in my mind truly one of the best breeders in the country and that was Barbara McGarvey and Windemere kennels. If you have any questions about my selection process or would like to see my new retriever “Trapper” please feel free to contact me an anytime! May your game bag always be full! 

Dana C. Nelson - Ocean City, MD

Hello Barb, please understand that it took me literally months to find the kind of pup that's chewing my legs as I type this e mail. Finding this caliber of a pup, one that shows exuberant personality, very keen on thrown objects and all that fly's in the air ( what a marker she will be !! ), and again, not afraid of anything; noises ( I never seen an 8 week old pup attack and play with a running vacuum cleaner ), strangers ( she acts like she knows everyone who approaches her ) AND a "good looking" dog ( you know, the kind that is described as the breed standard-otter tail..square head, rugged built body type )- finding this pup is a compliment to my efforts, for I knew she was out there ! It would be my pleasure for you to use any of this text ( feel free to edit and correct the punctuation ). This pup exemplifies all that is expected of a true Labrador Retriever, and I again thank you and congratulate you on your efforts in keeping this noble breed within the standards that should be demanded. 

Ed Hall Jr. - Sportsman Companion

To who it may concern Eleven years a go I purchased a yellow lab from Barb McGarvey it probably was one of the best investment I ever made. I named him Cream a beautiful lab and a great companion. In July of 2001 I purchased a black lab named Giovanni. The personality of both labs are so similar. There great with kids and adults and they both love the water I can tell you that I feel very lucky that I found Barb and her kennel. Both Cream and Giovanni have been wonderful friends. I recommend Barb and her dogs very highly. 

Thanks Barb. 
John Altadonna - Director of operations, Wolfs Den Restaurant

To Whom It May Concern, 

I am writing to inform you how satisfied in my choice of a Labrador Retriever purchased from Windemere Farms. My lab is not only one of the largest but one of the nicest looking and best behaved dogs around. He went to puppy school and finished first in the class. His temperament is so laid back people are very impressed. I have people in my home all of the time with my children and he has never jumped up on anyone or bothered anyone. If I were to get another dog Windemere Farms is the first place I would contact to get one. I never regret Thor's purchase in fact I would be lost without him. 

Jean Stroup - Insurance Sales Specialist

Would recommend you get the pup. I love the pup I got from here, it had been well socialized, was in excellent physical shape. I am very careful being a breeder and very seldom if ever recommend people to buy pups from based on experience I have had with pups being shipped into me, that were not in good physical shape, were shy, etc. Barb is the only breeder I would recommend. She does what I do when I have pups she takes the extra time and effort of raising her pups in her home giving them lots of love and one on one TLC. Now to Zinger. She is a great dog. Her mother was wonderful. She had the best temperament. On her was a Hunting Retriever Champion and a Master Hunter. Pups out of her were truly wonderful. I also owed the great and great great grandmother of Zinger, all wonderful dogs. I plan next year to get a Zinger pup myself. 
I don't know Barbs sire of the litter but he is the same as my pup; Ms. T and if this is what he produces go ahead without worry and buy the pup. 

Kim Moses - Hunter Marsh Retrievers.